About the Author

Hi I’m Chris Tazreiter……..

I find it difficult these days to answer the question “What do you do?” 

It is a traditional opening when people meet, yet for me, because I no longer identify myself by what I do, or by my achievements, my possessions or my goals, it has become a harder question to answer. 

“I experience Life, I am Life experiencing Life” would be my intuitive response, thought not one easily given in our current cultural norm. 

My life is rich and varied. So many experiences….. At the top of the list is helping to raise a blended family with 11 children, and currently 9 grand children. That has been one of my greatest gifts on this journey so far. I feel honoured and privileged that those wonderful people gave me what they have given me and continue to give me. I have learned so much from them, and I am eternally grateful.

I also play the role of Guide, Mentor, Coach and Sherpa to people all around the world, helping and guiding them to find the same richness in their life that I experience in mine. Helping people find that inner Joy, Love and Peace we were all born with, and learning to live Life without the stress and pressure that the human story has taught us so far. 

Most recently, I’m the author of a little book called ‘a PhD in Me’ and the founder of The PhD in Me Institute, and a Podcast by the same name. 

I was born in Austria, and have lived in Australia most of my life. I love both places immensely, but no more than I love the rest of this planet that nurtures us. 

So this journey I call my ‘PhD in Me’, has been and continues to be an invitation to me from myself, and is an invitation to you too, should you choose to accept it, to set aside for a moment, everything you were taught by the world you came into, all the dogma you were taught, and become curious about everything. 

Question everything and listen to your inner voice, where the truth about everything lies. I started my ‘PhD in Me’ with the thought that “Everything I was taught as a child was either completely false or only partially true” and I have not found anything yet that was put into me as a child that does not fit into that assumption. 

My work is also taking me into the area of conscious business, corporate wellness coaching, helping work groups (businesses and corporations) to develop a stress free culture of common growth, learning and evolution. 

We humans are living in a fish tank full of dirty water, and it is making us sick. “Instead of trying to manage our sickness as best we can, we simply need to change the water.” 

That water is our collective energy. The energy of our thoughts and feelings. The electro magnetic field of our individual bodies, the groups we belong to, from family to friends, work groups, communities, nations and humanity as a whole, including our planet. 

We are living with unhealthy energy, and we have the ability to change it, and change it we must if we are to thrive, not just survive. Surviving is no fun for me, every impulse in me wants to thrive, and I think you do too, what ever that looks like for you. 

My experience of Life is all about people. All my learning and growth comes from other people. “While I work with people, helping them on their journey of learning and discovery, in reality, each of them has something for me to learn as well.” 

I have experienced the feeling of eliminating most of the Fear, Anger, Sadness and Anxiety from my Life, to live a Life without stress. “My consciousness is in a state of inner Love, Peace and Joy. 

My purpose in Life is to share that energy with the people who touch my Life. To guide and mentor people to discover that which is theirs from birth, the pure Love, Peace and Joy of this experience we call Life.”

Thank you for watching and listening. I look forward to connecting with you on this journey, and learning from your ‘PhD in Me’.

What people are saying…

Chris is a natural storyteller.   He brings a deep consciousness and a mission to serve the revelation of wholeness through his gift of sharing story from the heart.  Sharing his own inspiring story of transformation, he compels others to become aware of the origin of their beliefs through the lens of wisdom.

K.C. Colorado

What I get from Chris is freedom. Chris is able to be unaffected by what is happening. He is free. He is giving freedom. “I did not know that I could have permission to be me, to be free….”

D.S. California

Dear Chris,

I spent some time feeling into your intention today and could clearly see that you readily experience your life as an integrated whole of all your parts. 

Your personal, heartfelt, career, service desires all together in one space, because they all belong and support the other. 

Not a sliced pie chart but the perfection of wholeness combined in the most delicate recipe that is your secret life recipe.

And love is the magic ingredient, because where there is love, there is flow and all is well.

J.Y. Miami

WOW! Your book was amazing, it was exactly what I needed at the moment. My favourite part was about retraining your learned beliefs. Both mine and my husbands parents are very traditional and have followed exactly what their parents taught them and expect us to do the same. Your words gave me great encouragement to continue on our own paths and to raise our kids our way and to allow them to discover their own thoughts and beliefs along their path. 


And there were so many other gems in there too. 

A.W. Australia

Chris has his PhD in Me! A compassionate, dedicated and ardent student and teacher of the journey within that all seekers of the Divine must take. In my years working with Chris as a friend and colleague he has always been an inspirational mirror who has always supported me to remember who I really am…one who is never separate from Source. I whole heartedly recommend his PhD in Me journey!

Steve LeFebvre

CEO, Conscious Business Associates, NZ

I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the unfolding of a “PhD in Me” over the past few years through Chris’ sharing himself and his life’s work. I am grateful for the experience and I have learned a lot by witnessing his process. 

Chris has studied with many of the great Masters of Life and is now offering the knowledge and wisdom he has gained through his own very unique expression. “A PhD in Me” is original, extraordinarily well thought out and presented in an easily accessible format to acquire insight, understanding and perspective on everything you need to know to live consciously. Whether you are interested in personal growth, conscious business, or contributing to the interconnected evolution of the world, Chris is someone to listen to over and over again to acquire an inner-authority on your own journey to peace and well-being. 

JoAnna Daum, MSW, Rev.

Co-Founder, Conscious Business Associates

Chris’ life journey of personal development and growth has undoubtedly led him to define the passion he has for meaningful and fulfilling relationships into a career of life coaching and mentorship. Chris’ greatest attributes over the years I have known him have been his reflective nature and unquenchable thirst for understanding. His fundamental belief in the ‘goodness’ in all people is the catalyst which unlocks the immeasurable potential within.

Chris’ approach to coaching is non-diagnostic and non-prescriptive. Chris is a facilitator. In the greatest times of turmoil in my own life, Chris has been the roadmap on my journey out of self-dislike and powerless victim of my circumstances to a place of self-acceptance, perhaps even self-love, a place of peace and a ‘joie de vivre’ (Google it!). It is from that place that life’s turmoils (yes, of course they still continue from time to time) no longer have the ability to destroy me, over and over again. From that foundation, I have unlocked a capacity to succeed beyond what I would have previously imagined was possible, in my career and in my personal relationships.

A word of warning – if you’re looking for someone to provide you with the answers to whatever is holding you back from being the very best you want to be, from achieving the most you want to achieve, and rescue you from the internal discomfort you feel, Chris is not the Coach for you. But if you’re looking to find your path to true happiness and success, Chris will coach you along a very fulfilling journey.


No-one has yet climbed Mount Everest, considered the world’s greatest conquest, without a Sherpa by their side.

J.W. Australia