The PhD in ME Group Journey

There is one thing we humans crave above all else. ‘Connection’. Connection with other people, connection with nature and the planet, and most of all, connection with ourselves.

But in reality, it is not connection we crave, it is re-connection. The connection we know at our source, that we knew before we arrived here, and that was lost when we entered this reality and were domesticated with stories of separation and lack. We were told those stories so often that we started to believe them, until they became our reality, our truth, our life experience.

Now comes the journey of reconnection. The PhD in Me is an invitation to let go of the stories of separation and lack, and an invitation to reconnect with self and with humanity.

It is best experienced as a shared journey, in order to experience and share the reconnection with others.

Watch as others unlearn the stories of their past and learn new stories, a new truth, and share your thoughts and experiences of that same journey. Give and take. See and be seen.

The Groups:

Each group will comprise between 10 and 20 people. The coming together will be on Zoom. There will be people from all around the world and from lots of different time zones. We will attempt to choose a time that best fits all, but some flexibility will be required.

Each ‘Get Together’ will be approximately 2 hours, at the same time each week. Part of the time will be spent with the whole group, and part in smaller groups. Each member will receive a video during the week before the group time, as a seed thought topic for that week. Time will be spent in Conscious Conversation about that topic.

There will also be time to raise personal thoughts and questions that came up over the previous week.

The Commitment:

The most important commitment is to ‘show up’. When a group of people come together, for any reason, they create an energetic container, a vessel that holds their collective energy. If the people in that group change from week to week, the energy in that container also changes. You are wanted and needed. If you are called to go on this journey with a group of other travellers, answer the call. There are no accidents or coincidences. Those people are chosen by the universe for you, and you for them.

So showing up each week is the real commitment. After that, just allow whatever wants to emerge in you to come forth. Let go of any resistance.

The Offer:

  1. You will join a group of 10 to 20 people from around the world in a weekly conscious conversation. The group will be led by a member of the PhD in Me mentoring team.
  2. Each week you will receive a short video to watch and reflect on. It will be that week’s seed thought, and group discussion topic. 
  3. The group will also have the opportunity to suggest future seed thought topics they wish to discuss.
  4. You will join a closed Facebook Group with the people in your PhD in Me group for ongoing interaction and engagement between the weekly Zoom calls.
  5. There is no curriculum. Each person is on a unique journey of reconnecting with their Essence, and each person will observe and share when ready, what is newly emerging from within. Each member of the group has thus far been on a unique journey of domestication, having been filled with the dogma and control by the world they were born into. We each get to choose our path of detachment, of letting it all go, and helping others by sharing our own healing journey.

The Exchange:

While we still live in a market economy, a process of reciprocity will occur. Each person may choose an interval for payment:

Weekly 52 x $55 (Australian)

Monthly 12 x $222 (Australian) Save $196 over the weekly payment.

One payment 1 x $2222 (Australian) Save $638 over the weekly payment.

The Outcome:

As the book ‘a PhD in Me’ states so clearly, no two humans have ever or will ever have the same experience of life. The sameness in our experience comes from the conditioning process, the domestication we have undergone by having our new mind filled with an operating system made up of old dogma.

The PhD in Me journey is an inside out path, not an outside in learning process. 

It does help to set an intention for this journey. The intention is to let go of the past, the old programming of fear based dogma. The intention is to create a new Love based operating system, to release all the trauma energy accumulated from life to this point. To replace fear, guilt, shame, anger, stress and anxiety with love, peace and joy, until those three become our default emotional state.

To heal the body and the mind from the inside out. That is our intention, that is the journey we will share together. We don’t know what will emerge, we don’t know what it will look like, but we will allow and no longer resist, and most of all, we will all be there for each other to love and support.

The journey is ongoing, it never ends, this next step is to make the journey more conscious, more intentional. It is not a means to an end. It is an opening of the portal to the field that connects all of us and brings us together with all life.

The next step:

If you’re ready to start, then click the button below, to book a final 15 minute Zoom call to apply for one of the next available spots in a 12 month PhD in Me group.

We will also be looking for people to lead future groups, after having completed their own initial group experience.