Welcome to the

“PhD in Me” Institute

“The only place where you are taught nothing and where you learn everything”

“The age of the Guru is over. The age of self mastery is here”

“I did not know I could have permission to be me…..to be Free!”

“The best way to know yourself is to know others……

The best way to know others is to know yourself.”

“a PhD in Me is a PhD in We”

“The PhD in Me is also an honorary doctorate in you”

The PhD in Me is a School of Thought.

You learn to recognise your thoughts.

You learn to question your thoughts.

You learn to choose your thoughts.

A place where you are taught nothing and where you learn everything.

The Gateway to all Knowing Is through not knowing…….”

What do the Universe and Truth have in common?

They are both constantly expanding!

If you believe you have found ‘The Truth’ then you have already ended the journey you came here to experience, and are simply waiting for entropy to take your body.

The First Step in your PhD in Me – Read or listen to the book

Hi I’m Chris…

I find it difficult these days to answer the question “What do you do?” 

It is a traditional opening when people meet.  Yet for me, because I no longer identify myself by what I do, or by my achievements, my possessions or my goals, it has become a harder question to answer. 

“I experience Life, I am Life experiencing Life” would be my intuitive response, though not one easily given in our current cultural norm.