Personal Mentoring

How much does your Life weigh???

What do you fear to lose???

Those are the two questions we will explore together……….

There are many paths up the mountain of consciousness, and none are right or wrong, none are better or worse. It’s your journey and your path to choose.

What does help, is to have a Sherpa by your side from time to time for guidance and support.

It’s all about the questions. Learning to ask better and better questions. If we truly want to make known the unknown, we must start from a place of not knowing. The dogma we were all filled with by the world in our early years, seeks to keep us stuck in the old ‘known’. 

The ‘PhD in Me’ seeks to teach us to always be in a place of ‘I don’t know’. From there we ask questions. The question and the answer are energetically linked inside each person. They come into existence in the same moment. The better the question, the better the answer. We must learn to stop asking rhetorical questions from a place of already knowing the answer. Only from true curiosity, from a place of not knowing, can we expand.

In the words of a past traveler, who experienced this mentoring:

“A word of warning – if you’re looking for someone to provide you with the answers to whatever is holding you back from being the very best you want to be, from achieving the most you want to achieve, and rescue you from the internal discomfort you feel, Chris is not the Coach for you. But if you’re looking to find your path to true happiness and success, Chris will coach you along a very fulfilling journey.”

No-one has yet climbed Mount Everest, considered the world’s greatest conquest, without a Sherpa by their side.”

Personal 1 to 1 Mentoring

1 x 2 hour
Zoom Call


4 x 2 hour
Zoom Call


30 Min Check In
Zoom Call


*The mentoring is not intended to be ongoing Coaching, Counselling or Therapy.